review Review has been on the writing market for a while now, providing us with hundreds of comments from both happy and unhappy customers. Because of this, I could not decide on whether this company is worth the time and investment, so I decided to take a closer look and write this review.

The first thing you should know about EduBirdie is that this is a company that providing services based on bidding. Therefore, the customer is the one picking the writer, not the company.

Services Review

On first sight, the list of services provided is very limited, until the point when you see the option ‘other’. This is not strange at all, since most bidding services offer the opportunity to order any paper you need, and wait for writers to bid on it.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that writers will bid on the paper, or if they do, that you will find one with the necessary qualifications and experience. Even so, in my experience, there were many bidders to the order I made, and I found no complaints about ‘no bids at all’ in any of the comments online.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this company has many writers with various backgrounds and level of experience. Still, the question of whether they are a good fit for your specific requirements remains.

Prices Review

As in the case of any other company that works on the same principle, does not have set prices or discounts of any kind. The only price mentioned on the website is the minimum rate of $18 per page, which unfortunately means that this company is an expensive one.

A starting rate of $18 is a steep price for academic content within a longer deadline, and the lack of any kinds of discounts here is a huge disadvantage. Since the company allows writers to bid and customers to choose, there is not really opportunities for loyalty programs and newcomers’ discounts.

In the end, it all comes down to which bid you will choose, and whether you can bargain a better price with a bidder.

Content Quality

To make the review more complete, I did place an order on EduBirdie. This resulted in 30 bids within half an hour, which means that customers do not have to spend a lot of time waiting for bids.

And while this is clearly good news, I was very disappointed to see that the majority of bidders did not even have the qualifications to write my term paper. It seemed like they just apply to every order they find, hoping that someone will hire them.

Unfortunately, this meant a lot of time spent on checking writers’ portfolios, in order to pick the best candidate for the order. Even so, I still did not get the high quality we expected from the best writer who bid on our order. The term paper was not in a suitable writing style for the academic level I selected, and contained some plagiarism.

Customer Support Agents

Once I got the term paper from my writer, I decided to reach the customer support agents for assistance. EduBirdie really has a 24/7 customer support, and they provided me with an instant revision for my low-quality paper. Even so, I still found many issues with the term paper, and I wasn’t approved the second revision.

My experience with the customer service was mainly positive, since the agents were professional and prompt in handling my requests.

Final Thoughts allows customers to choose the writer for their paper from a list of bidders. Still, this company is highly priced and has no discounts, and there is no guarantee that you will select a good writer and get a high-quality paper.

Because of all this, I cannot recommend EduBirdie to students in need of academic assistance.


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  1. I ordered an essay from they charge me $10 in order to choose a professional writer for me, they charge me also 15% for platinum writer. After that the writer didn’t even bother to read my requirements an wrote about something else it was out of topic and contest, and I told her about that she asked me to let her do a revision. the revised paper was delivered 3 days after the due date. when I tried to reach with their customer service no one tried to help me or solve the issue the I asked for a refund but they said no.
    total charge was $69.34.
    order ID is 820342.

  2. This company won’t deliver an essay or any other academic writing to you. They don’t screen their writers, so you end up with a low-quality paper. I was cheated by this team and want to warn everyone: never ever place an order on Edubirdie!!!

    Service rating: 1
  3. Edubirdie is unprofessional scam website which aimed to help students with their papers, but they do nothing for this. Company doesn’t have professional writers and charges high prices. I ordered an essay here and got nothing worth attention

    Service rating: 2
  4. I work for EduBirdie. 95% of the writers are Kenyan and are compensated $4 per page. (Who else that speaks English natively can afford to work for $4 an hour) You almost certainly will get shit from here.

    There are a few of us that are actually from the United States, we can make up to $12 per page. It’s not uncommon for me to get a client that is paying $80 per page (I get 12).

    They have a brutal Eastern European/Asian working environment. They motivate with threats and fines. There is zero honesty or integrity involved. I suppose it’s part and parcel though as the whole thing is a dirt-bag business.

    Insider facts:
    *Writers are paid approx 15-25% of the price you are charged.
    *If you leave a tip, the company poaches a cut of it.
    *If a client asks to cancel because they realized someone who uses 20th century English from Kenya wrote you paper, the original writer is screwed, they get nothing and they are fined. The paper is then sent to another writer for 1/4 of the price the original writer was getting. (Guaranteed a shitty rewrite, most likely far worse than the original.)
    *The people that collect the profits are Ukranian, they have an army of staff from Manila to run everything. The company name is Boosta, or Plan B Services.
    *All papers are scanned for plagiarism, but are only flagged if they are over 50% copy and pasted.
    *They allow writers to put “Professor” and “PhD” in their screen names. There is NOT A SINGLE PhD or Masters Degree from a US or UK University on this website. (Why would anyone with those credentials deal with rude overlords from Asia who work tirelessly to abuse and steal from them?)

    Don’t believe me? Go to their website…post a fake paper (You don’t have to pay anything) and watch all the bids pop up from all of these “Experts.” All these Doctors and Finance majors begging you in broken English to write your paper.

    Engage them in conversation. You will quickly find they will stop responding or tell obvious lies if you ask them about their credentials. You will see obvious broken English from people claiming to have Doctorates and Masters certifications.

    Service rating: 2

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