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There aren’t many samples to look at, but the ones that are on are of high quality. Still, their reputation says the very opposite, and so did our experience when we ordered and received one of their papers.

Academized has probably not been writing papers for as long as you’d think by checking the website because the feedback outside of that same website dates only a few years back. Most of that feedback is negative, but I still gave them a shot in order to be able to tell you whether or not this would be a smart investment for you.

Services Review

Services are not that numerous as you can find in other companies, but I’d say that the list is more than good. This is a trendy company that actually delivers papers, though they do have had some troubles with the deliveries in the past, according to some customers.

That’s something I explored by placing an essay order. By this point, I was pleased to see the big list and the website that was filled with some very useful information, as well as samples that show you the work you can expect. Unfortunately, the actual experience I had afterward did not really fit these findings.

Prices Review

Academized is rather cheap. Maybe not as cheap as they say, but the prices are definitely below the average range. This is also a bit concerning, but I thought: if the prices are so good and the writing is as in the samples, this might just be a great service.

So, I continued checking the prices. It seems as writes papers for less than $13 per page if you are a high school student, and their higher level prices don’t differ by much.

They also have discounts, most of which are for loyal customers and depend on the total pages they have ordered until a specific point. For loyal customers, the discount can go up to 15%.

Content Quality

The samples are extremely misleading and I’m very unhappy to tell you that – the actual content is nothing like them. My essay wasn’t even similar to the papers in the Samples list. I either had a really bad writer with poor English writing skills, or the company published some fine content while they deliver poorly written one. Based on what others think and say about them, I’d say it is the latter.

My frustration was big, not because they missed a deadline, but because the essay was not worth even that low rate with the discount. In fact, an essay for a Master’s student that would literally fail by high school level requirements is not worth half of it, mostly because the writer wasn’t fluent in the language.

Customer Support Agents

The fact that my paper wasn’t half as good as the samples made me want to demand a refund immediately, but I decided to give the agents a chance and see what they’d offer. Since the website seemed perfectly fine, I gave them a second chance by giving them the benefit of the doubt, as if the writer did a mistake with my paper.

But, when I did find an agent to reply on the live chat, which was twenty minutes after my attempt to contact them, I realized that this probably happens very often. I got some immediate, automatic replies that put the blame on the customer instead of the service, saying that ‘the writers follow your instructions when writing the papers’. That being said, I got no refund and not even an offer for a revision.

Of course, I asked for a revision since the site says I’m entitled to free ones if don’t like the paper. The agent didn’t seem too happy about the situation, which led to many questions and forms to fill to make this happen. Only then did I get a revision request approved, but the revision never came. After seven days, I contacted them again. The agent said that the time for revisions has passed and we cannot request one so long after getting the paper!

Final Thoughts

As if the low quality wasn’t frustrating enough, the agents of the customer service treated me with blame. is a company who doesn’t accept their errors cannot strive on the writing market, especially if they decided to offer benefits like free revisions or refunds.

Because of this, I believe that a cheap price is far from enough to rank high among writing services, and definitely not enough for me to recommend Academized to you. Stay away from them.


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