SpeedyPaper.com review

SpeedyPaper.com Review

The agent photos and names on the live chat are obviously fake, since many reviews I found speak of incompetent customer service and unreliable answers. I tested SpeedyPaper.com for papers and service quality, and concluded that this is indeed an issue.

Surely, the company called SpeedyPaper has many features to offer to its customers, and some of them are extremely beneficial. But, my research of speedy paper reviews brought up several disadvantages that are too important to toss aside.  Read my detailed Speedypaper review to find out more.

Services Review

A list of services is an important factor in making a decision as to which company you will use on a regular basis. In this case, the list is neither good nor bad, since it only contains those popular papers you will get assigned often throughout your studies.

You will, however, need to look for another company if your professors decide to assign some less popular assignment, or if your academic field requires specific reports and papers that are not found on this list.

So in overall, SpeedyPaper.com is a nice choice based on the range of services, but far from the best, you can make if you plan to use a writing service regularly and for different assignments.

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Prices Review

To my surprise, the prices are good. You can only access the prices page from the bottom of the Speedy Paper website, so make sure to scroll down to find this information.

When you open this page, you will find a full table with prices for different deadlines and academic levels. The prices are, of course, cheapest for the lowest academic level, starting at only $9 for high school students. This price grows as the deadline approaches and the academic level increases, reaching $88 for urgent admission assistance of only 6 hours.

Six hours is the closest deadline you can order your paper within, and interestingly, this deadline is also available for PhD students! This is very improbable because the company seems to be giving students the opportunity to order some of the lengthiest and most complex papers within 6 hours, while other companies limit the deadline for such papers to at least a day.

I did not want to let this ruin my impression of the service, so I left it to the paper I ordered for the Speedypaper review to tell what kind of quality you can expect from the writers here. The next step was, of course, to check the discounts and special offers. This was the part I liked the least, because the discount policy at Speedypaper is one of the worst I have seen.

Even though these prices are more than affordable, most services provide special offers for customers who return to order more papers. Not only speedypaper.com does not have such offers, they don’t even have a bulk order discount on the website. You can only add a discount code from a limited-time special offer, which is rarely available on the website.

At the moment, the Speedy Paper provides a low discount of 7% only, and it only applies to new customers.

Content Quality

While waiting for my essay to be delivered, I used this time to check the remaining features discussed above and read through Speedy paper reviews written by other customers. When the paper finally arrived, I was able to answer all those questions that troubled us since I saw the prices and strange deadline options.

As I suspected, the low prices here are a sign of low paper quality. Despite the nice services list and incredible prices, the company failed to meet my requirements and deadlines. And not only that. I found the writing to be very bad considering the academic level we ordered it for.

Customer Support Agents

This prompted me to contact the customer support and demand an explanation as to why such mishap happened on their behalf. The paper looked as if the writer did not bother to read my requirements, and in most parts, he even missed the idea of the essay.

The customer support agents are not real agents, as I suspected at the very beginning. I got the answers from a bot, so nothing specific was explained in the automatic, instant replies I got here.

Final Thoughts

Lack of round-the-clock real customer support service, no discounts, and low paper quality are the three things I believe are detrimental to the reputation of SpeedyPaper.com. Without these, I don’t believe the company is prepared to deliver high-quality papers or service.

Because of this, I strongly discourage students from ordering essays at SpeedyPaper if you seek quality content and services.



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5 thoughts on “SpeedyPaper.com Review

    I paid 250$ to Speedypaper.com to solve a programming MATLAB problem for me, but they delivered a completely wrong and irrelevant solution and refused to give me a full refund…

    1-The first solution they provided me was completely wrong and irrelevant, and didn’t match the task or the requirements, and didn’t solve any part of the task.
    2-The second solution was also completely wrong and irrelevant and it was for another topic and task and didn’t solve even 0.5% of the task.
    3- i ordered progressive delivery, they haven’t sent me any part of the solution, till the 4th day before the deadline, and after i asked for it twice.
    4- it’s so obvious that the writer assigned by SpeedyPaper doesn’t have the qualifications to understand the task and solve it, while they assured before i made the payment that the writer is top writer and able to provide me with a high quality solution.
    5-after i received the second solution, which is WRONG and irrelevant, i asked SpeedyPaper manager to issue a 100% refund but she refused, and said that according to refund policy i can get 50% refund, because they found a writer, assigned him, and provided a solution !!!

    Their refund policy says that i can get 100% if SpeedyPaper was unable to assign a SUITABLE writer for my assignment.

    The writer they assigned couldn’t even understand the description of the task, and provided a completely wrong and irrelevant solution TWICE… This is not a Suitable writer !!

    it’s like ordering a book, and receiving a Pizza, and when you ask for refund they tell you: we found you a cook, cooked the pizza, and delivered it to you.. so you get only 50% refund.


  2. Awful writing service, basic English mistakes everywhere in essay, even wrong punctuation! It seems that the writer didn’t read my task. I’m shocked. SpeedyPaper is scam!

    Service rating: 1
    1. I had experienced the same issue with customer Service and the quality of the papers ain’t the best. In few occasions my paper was not delivered on time. When I complaint and they delivered my paper it’s full orthographic errors which then I had fix myself, not only that I had to rewrite the paper because of lack of information after I had given specification of what has to be included in it. When I complained about it they want to charge extra for orthographic corrections which I consider it should be included. I never had an A or B after I had submitted the paper in school because of all the errors and lack of information. Due to all this my partner and I no longer use speedy paper because not only happened to me happened to my friends too. I’m not happy at all because after you had paid $50-$80 and your paper is basically failure meaning you get a low C , then your professor murder your paper with notes in red ink because all the mistakes and not following the instruction given it’s a big disappointment and a big let down. Is worst when you know you can write a better paper that what you paid for But because of the lack of time in load of work you have to pay someone else to help you and they do a mediocre paper.

      Service rating: 3
  3. Speedypaper is not a professional writing service. They have attractive prices, but what they deliver has nothing to do with academic writing. I ordered from them and got full of grammatical and spelling errors papers. Moreover, it was plagiarized from the one available online for free

    Service rating: 2

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